Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend!

photography by Abe Novy

D is for….

Determination Drive Dedication Desire

These are the traits of the hard-working American. Whether it is the soldier on the front line, the factory worker punching a time clock, the Wall Street broker moving stocks, the social worker fighting to end child abuse, the farmer who provides us with the food we eat, the waste management crew who picks up your garbage or maybe even the salesman who sold you that Nissan you drive *wink*….these are the people that drive this country. It is you and I, it’s your neighbor, your family, your friend, your co-workers….

Together, we make a formidable team of individuals who have what it takes to pick ourselves up off the floor, dust ourselves off and make things great again here in the land of opportunity.

I’m honestly not the most patriotic guy in the world on a daily basis, but I believe not many of us are…but today, I can honestly say, “God Bless America.”

by Abe Novy


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