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    The lessons contain 70+ hours of animation. We picked some random scenes to give you a flavor of what’s here.

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    These 20 films are professionally shot and edited. A potpourri of artists, managers, and workers explain, “Why you need to learn this stuff.”

About Elevated Math

I like Elevated Math
because it is funny and I learn at the same time

Elevated Math is a compilation of 173 award-winning instructional lessons that have been grouped into various bundles to offer math education for various grade levels and college entrance exams. Each lesson contains between 13 and 45 minutes of quality animation to guide students towards understanding and solving math concepts and problems. Adapted for the iPad, students now learn at their own pace, review instruction they are struggling to understand and skip areas they know – all with the swipe of a finger. They no longer have to wait for a teacher or be embarrassed. Math is now fun!

These lessons had their start in 2001 when Joe Irby formed BestQuest Teaching Systems and began creating these lessons with the conviction that all children can learn when provided with the appropriate tools, effective instruction, and a supportive environment. Dr. Maryscott Glasgow, a classroom teacher and university educator, joined the company the next year to direct the production of Algebra’scool and Math’scool educational software. These programs are now used in over forty states, in more than 1,500 school districts and 11,000 classrooms. Over a million students have learned math from lessons in these programs. The goals are to teach higher order thinking skills and address every learning style (audio, visual, and kinesthetic) in order to reach all students, even those who are struggling. They strive to create lessons that improve the competitive edge of students, engage their senses and arouse their interest.

Twenty writers and editors worked on creating the scripts for these lessons. These experts included mathematicians, university professors, teacher educators, secondary classroom teachers, middle school classroom teachers, and upper elementary classroom teachers. They came from all areas of the country---the Northeast, the South, the West, and the Midwest.   The production took over four years and involved three teams of animators and art direction from top Hollywood talent. Professional voiceover talent kept the instruction clear and precise.

The programs have earned over a dozen media and education awards, including the most prestigious award in educational publishing, the Golden Lamp Award.

When Apple introduced the iPad, Lewis Hall and Elevated Lab Press acquired the rights to adapt the lessons for this

device. Gleaning the feedback from teachers who have used these programs, Lewis and Maryscott (Scottie) re-edited, revised and updated the lessons and assessments, adding enhancements, such as a whiteboard on which to work out problems and over 14,000 interactions to give the student more immediate feedback. These enhanced lessons together with the technology of the iPad produce an educational tool that is unsurpassed in quality and teaching effectiveness, at less than 1/10th the original cost.

There are 120+ hours of instruction in the Elevated Math App with 70+ hours of quality animation, the largest content filled app in the iTunes Store and the largest mathematics scope and sequence to date.

The kids love it! They can move through a particular lesson at their own pace and repeat an explanation until they gain understanding
-Mr. Zan Mason, Central Juvenile Hall School, Los Angeles CA

The bundle groupings are based on the original program offerings, the five NCTM Content Standards (numbers and operations, geometry, measurement, algebra, and data analysis & probability), and college entrance exam preparations programs.

Also included in Elevated Math are a series of career-oriented live-action videos that answer the frequent question: “Why do we need to learn this stuff?” These short documentaries focus on individuals who are using math in their jobs and include a jazz musician, a stunt pilot, an animator, a landscape architect, a chocolatier, and fifteen others.

To learn more about the Elevated Math programs and lessons you can read the white papers, read the Princeton Review study and assessment, search for specific textbook and state alignments and correlations, read endorsements from those who have used the program, download the entire lesson scope & sequence, and check references.

You can visit the Elevated Math blog and read what Joe, Scottie, Lewis, and others are saying, read comments, or leave your own.

And you can download the app from the iTunes Store. It’s free and includes two complimentary lessons and one complimentary career video.