Elevated Math Evaluation: A Cool App Review

Though we are pleased by how many good reviews Elevated Math has received this summer, we thought this one was worth mentioning, and not just because the analysis is complimentary of our app. TekGadg, the reviewer, took the time to create two videos. One we pasted above and shows the Elevated Math app and how it works. The other is seen here in the TekGadg site. Scroll down to see the HMH Fuse: Algebra app from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. If anything, the evaluation of these two apps should make people consider more carefully their math app purchases. A lot of time and thought was devoted to the review and we feel that TekGadg has created a benchmark for app evaluations.

1 thought on “Elevated Math Evaluation: A Cool App Review”

  1. Maryscott Glasgow

    I applaud the efforts of TekGadg to provide consumers with an easy to read and view comparison of two math apps that are available for iPad!

    One point that was not mentioned in the review is that print material for teacher and student support is available for each Elevated Math lesson at oldblog.elevatedmath.com. Located at the top right of the home page, click on “Print Material,” then click on the lesson number for free downloads. Lesson objectives, key terms, and lesson notes along with additional practice problems are included if consumers are more comfortable with a more traditional look and feel to accompany the EM videos.

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