A New Found Freedom: Let’s Celebrate Learning Independence!

photography by Andreas Blixt

Since the U.S. is celebrating Independence Day, I think this is an appropriate time to underscore the reasons why the iPad and the Elevated Math app can bring a new kind of freedom or independence when learning at home, away from home or in the classroom.  Taking creative liberties, I have created an acrostic that reveals the strengths of using the Elevated Math iPad app with students typically in  grades 4 – 9.  Happy 4th of July!  Let’s celebrate the freedom iPads and Elevated Math can bring to learning!

I                          Individualized Instruction and  Immediate feedback for problems worked

N                        New and Noteworthy

D                        Designed to teach higher order thinking skills and reach Different learning modalities

E                        Effective Educational tool

P                         Pacing, student-set

E                         Easy to review any part of a lesson with the swipe of a finger

N                        Notable as the first comprehensive middle school math app for iPad

D                        Daily relevance of math in real life

E                         Every learning style addressed

N                        Necessary technology for meeting the needs of today’s students

C                        Crucial for iPad labs in grades 4 – 9 when learning math

E                        Engages their senses

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