The Best Math Film Ever Made

As a filmmaker and art director I’ve always appreciated quality work. In college I worked at an educational film company where I saw the disparity between education film production and other types of production. Educational films usually got one ta

ke, simple titles, and not so talented writers and artists (college students like me!). But I was holding up a standard that I knew no one could meet. That standard was Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, a film that I had seen as a kid. This movie fascinated me and made me want to know more about math. Perhaps it even inspired me to pursue my present career.

The film was made in 1959 and won an Academy Award for best short documentary. Two years later, it was shown on the first show of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. Recently, I found it on YouTube. It does not contain the in-depth instruction that Elevated Math has, but it’s certainly entertaining and definitely worth watching. Enjoy!

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  1. Quoting Donald Duck in this outstanding film about Mathamagic Land, “we wouldn’t have music if it wasn’t for eggheads!” and “There’s a lot more to mathematics than 2 + 2!” This is a fascinating film with so much information packed into 12 minutes! Little did Disney Studios know way back then just how far technology would have come in 2011, but they sure knew it was going to be incredible because ” each invention opens the door to the next invention,” and mathematics is the key to that door. It ends with this quote:

    Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe…… Galileo


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