Wish I Had Elevated Math as a Kid. A Personal Tutor!

Photography by Diana Huang

Learning math was really hard for me growing up because I had a language barrier and I was a visual learner. The public school system moves the students through the subjects really fast and I was a quiet child unwilling to speak up when the lesson was going too fast for me. I’d take my textbook and try to bring myself up to speed at home. My parents know math but they didn’t have the teaching or the communication skills to help me with my homework.

The only alternative was to send me to math tutoring programs like Kumon. I took summer school for math and English; I had private tutors for English and math. I took Kaplan classes to bring up my scores for the SAT. My parents spent a lot of money and I spent a lot of time learning outside of public schools to make my math and English skills adequate for college. The prices for all the Elevated Math lessons are cheap in comparison to all the money my parents spent on me.

I didn’t hate math, I actually respected it enough to know that it was in my best interest to know as much of it as I can. I was a PBS learning shows child. One of my favorites was “Square One TV”. I really enjoyed watching it… it made math learning easy and enjoyable because of the graphic illustrations of the concepts. My problem was I was a visual learner; I have to see each step to understand what is going on. Unfortunately, the show only covered math to a certain grade level and when the TV show broadcast was over you couldn’t rewind to review whenever you needed it to.

What is so great about the Elevated Math series reminds me of “Square One TV.” Step by step, level-by-level, it teaches all the important math concepts at the middle school and high school levels! Each lesson is very detailed. What is great is you can rewind with the swipe of the finger to re-review what was just shown. For each lesson there is a hefty offering of problems to practice on. Constant review is crucial to moving short-term memory into the long-term memory of the brain. For a quiet person like me this is great!! I can review and review until I really know the math topic.

What I really love about Elevated Math are the Career Videos. Those alone are incredibly valuable. Each of them covers a fun and exciting job by actual professionals working in each career. Each of them shows what they do, where they do it and how specific math concepts are directly used in their jobs on a constant basis. By seeing these videos every child in school will grow a healthy respect for math because they’ll understand its a direct path to all the fun and exciting careers a kid could ever hope to aspire have.

Like the dictionary and encyclopedia, Elevated Math is one of those crucial things for a student to have at hand.

– Diana Huang

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