Why are cartoons in the math videos? Don't they waste instruction time?

Learning happens when students are relaxed and not under stress. The cartoons help students relax before instruction begins – to smile, even laugh, thus allaying fear that math tends to bring.

The cartoons introduce characters who facilitate the instruction. Elevated Math has not one omnipotent voice, but instruction comes from conversations between characters. The cartoons introduce the characters and pull students into the instruction that follows.

The cartoons are engaging. Though short, usually less than a minute, they focus students to the instruction. 

Why are the teacher keys on the same page as the lessons?

Students must take responsibility for their math learning. Each student learns differently. Some like to work out a problem and then check to see if the answer is correct. Unless a student has a photographic memory,  memorizing the answers won’t happen. By-the-way, computer banks are available to generate math problems if new assessments are required.

Having the lesson and all the problems, teacher notes and keys on the same page is convenient, and will more likely be used. 

Cartoon characters
showing algebraic expressions
showing an associative property of multiplication