The talent who created this online, classroom and homeschool program

Executive Producer:
Joe Irby

Project Director:
Maryscott “Scotti” Glasgow, Ed.D.

Assist. Project Director:
Patricia “Trish” Killingsworth M.ED.

Admin. Assist./Editor:
Irma Shelton

Docia Jones
Anna Scotti
Roxanne Wallace
Jo Ann White

Creative Consultant:
Billy Pittard

Curriculum Develop.:
Cynthia Miller, Ph.D.

David Niles White
Erin Scotto

Associate Producer:
Leonard Koss

Art Directors:
Lewis Hall
Billy Pittard

Reg Powell
Rob Cairnes

Character Design:
Mucci Fassett

Character Consultants:
The Character Lab
YMS Consulting
Dan Acuff
Dr. Robert Reiher

Lesson Animation (teaching with motion the math and algebra lessons):
Rizon Films, Inc.
Jared Hankins
Robert Davis
Scott Edge
Tamara Lambert
Capillya Uptergrove
Terry Wang
Al Cota
Harlin Harris
Fernando Valles

James Wang
Elbert Leiva
Mike Gadow

Content Development (determined the components for 2-years of math and algebra lessons for blended and online learning):
Jerry Beck
Lynne Marie Becker, M.S.
Maryscott “Scotti” Glasgow, Ed.D.
Heather Gonzales
Lewis Hall
Patricia “Trish” Killingsworth M.ED.
George Maestri
Cynthia Miller, Ph.D.
Docia Jones
Anna Scotti
Bill Vallely
Roxanne Wallace
Jo Ann White
Words & Numbers, Inc., Baltimore

Character Animation:
George Maestri, Director/Producer
Laura Barbera, Animator
Sabrina Mar, Animator
Annette Machado, Animator
Heather Wilbur Leonardo Riley, Animator
John Baurley, Animator
Mark Levine, Animator
Chris Weller, Animator

Character Voices:
Michael Geisler, Director
Becky Guiley, Voice Talent
Anthony Jenkins, Voice Talent
Chris Kent, Voice Talent
Cindy Robinson, Voice Talent
Kirk Thornton, Voice Talent
Peter Doyle, Voice Talent
Lea Sargent, Voice Talent
Allyson Gottfried, Voice Talent

Video Editing (assembled all online math lessons for optimal instruction in classroom and homeschool environments):
Toshiro Inugai
David Wein
Nick Sanders
JB Benna

Sound Design:
Graig Nepp
Nick Sanders

Mindi-Lea Narusaki
Suzi Chen

Career Films (creators of motivational videos to inspire math and algebra learners):
Seesaw Studios
Judy Korin, Executive Producer
Yvonne Kasparian, Producer
Ryan Faye, Original Music
Travis Hatfield, Editor
Rich Wong, Director of Photography
Clint Kasparian, Camera/Sound
Mike Flores, Key Grip
Special Thanks: Eric Hansen/Los Angeles Dodgers
The New England Footage Factory
R.L. Shontell, Director
Paul A. Kramm, Photography

iPad Application Development (made the math and algebra program interactive to maximize student learning of math concepts):
Elevated Lab Press
Lewis Hall, Producer
Maryscott “Scotti” Glasgow, Ed.D., Producer
Zachry Thayer, Designer
James Wang, Designer
Emily Chung, Designer
Zachry Thayer, Programmer/Technical Director

Website Development (put the math and algebra interactive lessons on the Internet):
Elevated Lab Press
Lewis Hall, Producer
OsoLabs, Website Development
Tasha Hall, Website Designer and Strategist