CCSS - How Elevated Math aligns?

A question asked: Does Elevated Math align with CCSS? Common Core State Standards and Practices attempt to outline what math and algebra instructors should teach their students. The main points are: Make sense of problems and work hard at solving them; Build achievable arguments and analyze the reasoning of others; Think abstractly and quantitatively; Apply mathematics; Be precise; Use the tools they have to solve problems; Find mathematical patterns; and Look for shortcuts and constantly re-evaluate.

Elevated Math does all this and more, thoroughly and with confidence. The experts we chose created this program to address all students’ mathematical and problem-solving needs. But we added one more important point that CCSS does not include. We made math and algebra fun. For example, we added a lesson on tessellations – an enjoyable concept about geometric patterns. You can find it in the section on Transformation of Shapes.

For those who need to know precisely how Elevated Math aligns with CCSS we have supplied .pdf files (see below) that show these alignments per class.