"In a 7-month study... students using the Algebra'scool product [the algebra lessons of Elevated Math] substantially outperformed their control counterparts. During the course of the study, those students saw gains in performance in excess of three times those not using the product."
The Princeton Review
Good review from The Princeton Review
Words and Numbers Baltimore writing scripts for Elevated Math
Writers and Editors at Words & Numbers

Our Program

Writers and editors from Words & Numbers in Baltimore as well as other experts including mathematicians, university professors, teacher educators, secondary classroom teachers, instructors in middle school, and upper elementary teachers worked to create scripts on which our instructional math and algebra videos are based. The production of these videos took more than four years to complete and involved four teams of animators and voice-over actors and art direction from top Hollywood talent.

173 Lessons

Yeah! That’s a lot of math and algebra lessons! Each lesson has 13-45 minutes of animation that guides students towards understanding and solving math concepts. They make distance learning, instruction in the classroom, as well as blended learning fun and effective. 

$4.99 Monthly Subscription

A monthly subscription of $4.99 provides access to ALL the math and algebra lessons of Elevated Math. Also provided are teacher and parent support materials, and 35 career-oriented live-action videos. You can use a laptop, a tablet, or smartphone – whatever you wish – as long as one device is logged in at a time.


    These math and algebra lessons had their start in 2001 when Joe Irby formed BestQuest Teaching Systems and began creating the lessons with the conviction that all children can learn math and algebra when provided with the appropriate tools, effective instruction, and a supportive environment. Dr. Maryscott Glasgow, a classroom teacher and university educator, joined the company the next year to direct the production of Algebra’scool and then Math’scool educational software. These lessons were then combined to form Elevated Math. Basic math, geometry, measurement, algebra 1, data analysis and statistics is now taught in six countries, and in more than 11,000 schools and homeschools. Over a million students have learned math from lessons in this program both in classrooms and through distant learning. Our goal is to teach higher order thinking skills and address every learning style (audio, visual and kinesthetic) in order to reach all students. These lessons improve students’ competitive edge, engage their senses and arouse their curiosity, and make them better problem-solvers.

Dr. MaryScott Glasgow and Lewis Hall - Elevated Math
Dr. Scotti Glasgow and Lewis Hall
          Dr. Maryscott Glasgow, the original project director, and Lewis Hall, from Elevated Lab Press and one of the original project art directors, have continued to re-edit, revise and update the lessons and assessments, adding over 14,000 interactions to give students more immediate feedback to their learning. Now on the Web for the first time, these 120+ hours of math instruction and 70+ hours of animations are unsurpassed in quality and teaching effectiveness. Elevated Math provides a higher standard of remote or online learning, enabling teachers to easily flip their classrooms, provide successful intervention, and teach with Zoom or other conference tools. Homeschooling parents now have an effective online tool with this math program to teach geometry and algebra 1 to their 10-16 year-olds.
"With the help of OsoLabs, we made a technological breakthrough by building in pauses in the math and algebra instruction as it plays on the Internet. These pauses give a teacher or homeschooling parent an opportunity to make comments or clarify a point and to check students’ notes and understanding, It gives students time to ask questions, work out problems, or just reflect on what they have been taught."
Lewis Hall
"The flexibility and functionality of Elevated Math allow students to work at their own pace. A student can move forward quickly once a concept is understood or repeat the lesson if needed. Because a student receives immediate feedback after working a problem, the risk of developing misconceptions is decreased. The design of these lessons leads to success in the classroom and at home with both gifted and challenged learners."
Dr. Maryscott Glasgow

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"Its engaging, comedic and comprehensive format makes this a great learning tool...!"
Alberto Araujo, M.Ed, Curriculum Specialist, Rose Management Group, Inc., Tucson, AZ
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