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Why I Always Hated the “B” Grade

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This week an article in The Atlantic entitled “Letter Grades Deserve an F” by Jessica Lahey struck a cord and has inspired this post. Ms. Lahey writes, “points-based grading undermines learning and creativity, rewards cheating, damages students’ peer relationships and trust in their teachers, encourages students to avoid challenging work, and teaches students to value grades over knowledge.” As I read the article I wished I could recapture the hours of anguish I suffered in school for all the “B”s I received. You see, I hated “B”s, more than “C”s or “D”s.  Getting a “C” or “D” meant that I hadn’t understood the material, which was fair and acceptable, but a “B”? On an essay it meant the writing was good, but not really great, and on a test it was a reminder that I was okay but not perfect. A “B” was like a bullet fired at my self-esteem.

This problem persisted until the beginning of my junior year at UCLA when I realized that because I was striving for an “A”, maybe that’s why I § Read the rest of this entry…

Scientist? It’s Time to Change the Image!

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photography by JD Hancock

Play along with me just for a moment.  Be honest now.  When I say the word “scientist,” what is the first image that comes to mind?  Write down a few words that describe that image.  Are you finished?  When you are, read the following account of what happened at a recent school meeting.

Gearing up for the opening of the 2011-2012 school year, over 200 principals and assistant principals of a city school district recently attended a leadership institute with a particular emphasis on instructional leadership.  One of the sessions during the three-day meeting had participants draw the image that first came to mind when given the same word I gave you —scientist.  Before revealing the results, it is important to note that more than half of the people in the leadership positions were female and half were minorities. § Read the rest of this entry…