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A Case for the Flipped Classroom

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Variations of flipped classrooms are as many as there are teachers.  Brian Bennett writes in his blog post, “The flipped class is an ideology, not a methodology.”  He stresses that it is not defined by the use of videos.  He has moved away from videos now that he has more time for “engaging activities and labs.”  The flipped classroom is all about “making connections with learners and differentiating your instruction.”  Therefore, a teacher can have such a classroom as long as the needs of all learners are being met.  Bennett is commended for meeting the needs of his learners.  However, for a classroom to truly be “flipped,” prepared instruction must continue at home, not just in the classroom.

The way we like to understand the term, the flipped classroom is used to introduce and reinforce the teaching in BOTH the classroom and at home. For example, a teacher introduces and provides direct § Read the rest of this entry…

Where Does Math Instruction Begin for a 4th Grader? That is a Good Question.

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photography by jimmiehomeschoolmom

A mother sent an email the other day asking which lessons of Elevated Math would be appropriate for her son.  He had finished 4th grade and was going into 5th,  but he had struggled with several of the concepts in 4th grade math.  She thought the lessons would help him strengthen his understanding, but she didn’t know which lessons to select.  “Which lessons are appropriate for 4th grade math?”  Excellent question.

Which lessons are appropriate for 6th grade math?  For 7th grade math, algebra in particular? Well, it all depends.  It depends on where the student is in his learning quest.  We would not expect a student to begin solving quadratic equations if he did not understand how to multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers, would we?  Of course not.  But knowing which lessons are appropriate for which grade level is much more difficult.  The answer lies in the scope and sequence selected for the subject by the school, school district, state or province.  § Read the rest of this entry…