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Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2011

§ December 27th, 2011 § 3 Comments- Add yours§ Filed under Flipped Classroom, From the Elevated Math Team, Math, Overcoming Fear, Teaching Math, The Best Posts § Tagged , , , , , , , , , , ,

2011 will forever be significant in Elevated Math history.  Our iPad app was launched along our website and blog.   In Barbara Walters’ fashion, we decided to list the TEN MOST FASCINATING POSTS in 2011.  Oh, ok.  Fascinating is probably not the most accurate adjective, so how about if we list our ten favorites?

  1. Angry Birds Can Teach Math was one of our most popular posts. It showed how to teach parabolas and quadratic equations with the Angry Bird game.  We followed this up with Use Angry Birds to Teach Math Pt 2, which includes a portion of the Elevated Math lesson.
  2. A Case for the Flipped Classroom is a subjective examination of one the hottest ideas for teaching math that came out this year.
  3. Making Math Relevant May Be the Key was also one of our most popular posts. It details how a teacher made math relevant to a class of potential drop-outs. § Read the rest of this entry…

Scientist? It’s Time to Change the Image!

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photography by JD Hancock

Play along with me just for a moment.  Be honest now.  When I say the word “scientist,” what is the first image that comes to mind?  Write down a few words that describe that image.  Are you finished?  When you are, read the following account of what happened at a recent school meeting.

Gearing up for the opening of the 2011-2012 school year, over 200 principals and assistant principals of a city school district recently attended a leadership institute with a particular emphasis on instructional leadership.  One of the sessions during the three-day meeting had participants draw the image that first came to mind when given the same word I gave you —scientist.  Before revealing the results, it is important to note that more than half of the people in the leadership positions were female and half were minorities. § Read the rest of this entry…

What Albert Einstein Can Teach Us?

§ June 9th, 2011 § 2 Comments- Add yours§ Filed under From the Elevated Math Team § Tagged , , , , , , , ,

We might not understand all that Einstein discovered, but from things he said we can glean his thinking process and use that to help our kids with math.

“It’s better to be amazed than to understand,” he said. I interpret this as meaning that we sometimes stress finding the right answers and forget to enjoy the quest. When I was at UCLA I made a short film on antimatter, a physics subject. My advisor was Julian Schwinger, a nobel prize winner. He assigned two of his post-docs to help me. I remember walking with them through the sculpture garden to the film building in north campus and how fascinated they were by all they saw. They didn’t “understand” the sculptures, but they couldn’t stop talking about them. This was new territory for them and they were in awe of it. How do we nurture this same sense of wonder in our kids when they encounter a new problem in math? Impossible? Not necessarily. § Read the rest of this entry…