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Final Impressions of ISTE 2011

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Photography by Kevin Jarrett

This week we heard over and over again, “learning is an experience and if we make it a good experience kids will want to learn more.”

How do we do this?

In an earlier blog, a guest blogger – a high school senior – wrote, “The moment math became textbooks, instead of cute little printed out worksheets, numbers just whirled above my head in a panic-stricken frenzy.” Will a school district have the courage to let go of their textbooks? What do the textbooks add to true learning? § Read the rest of this entry…

Report from ISTE 2011

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Image provided by Kevin Jarrett

After two days of attending ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) here in Philadelphia, here are some of our thoughts. First, we’re happy that we did not have a booth. The Exhibit Hall feels like a completely different area than the rest of the space. The Exhibit Hall seems cold, noisy, tense, and commercial. The rest of the conference seems serious, relaxed, warm, and intellectual, where a 1,000+ people can hear a keynote speaker such as Steven Covey or where small groups can participate in learning station sessions. We enjoyed a group of middle school kids from Texas who showed off their video projects about Chocolate. Quite creative.

As a whole, the attendees are focused, friendly, and eager to hear new ideas. We estimate somewhere around 75% own iPads, which made our job easy in sharing the Elevated Math app. And session topics that involve iPads are very popular. The session “The iPad Revolution” packed the ballroom until there was no room for people to stand.

Social media in the classroom is the other area that commands a lot of interest. Since we’ve written quite a bit about iPads in the past few weeks, we’ll devote the rest of this blog on the notes we took on what we heard about social media in the classroom. § Read the rest of this entry…