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Poverty Does Affect School Achievement

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On August 18, 2011 a panel of experts discussed the state of black education in the U.S. at the Edgartown Whaling Church, in Edgartown, MA.  The topic of the evening was Separate But Unequal: Closing the Education Gap. The online publication, the Vineyard Gazette, ran an article written by Mike Seccombe summarizing the discussion entitled Poverty and Failure of Education System Weigh on Black Students. I learned about it from Diane Ravich’s tweet.  § Read the rest of this entry…

Final Impressions of ISTE 2011

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Photography by Kevin Jarrett

This week we heard over and over again, “learning is an experience and if we make it a good experience kids will want to learn more.”

How do we do this?

In an earlier blog, a guest blogger – a high school senior – wrote, “The moment math became textbooks, instead of cute little printed out worksheets, numbers just whirled above my head in a panic-stricken frenzy.” Will a school district have the courage to let go of their textbooks? What do the textbooks add to true learning? § Read the rest of this entry…