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How to Optimize Your Study Time for the SAT or ACT

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Taking the SAT or ACT may not be the highlight of your senior year of high school, but it certainly ranks near the top of the priority list. Colleges will be shopping for freshmen with high scores, so it is imperative that you optimize your study time so you can get the most out of the experience. Staying at home to study while your friends are “having fun” might seem like a dreadful prospect, but this is a necessity for students to gain familiarity with such a long and tricky exam., the official web site of the SAT and ACT, allows students to register for the ‘SAT Question of the Day’. Signing up for this free service is a great way to get a daily dose of SAT study time. It also serves as a reminder to spend some time in review each day. Your college test day sneaks up on you, so make the most of every day leading up to it.

Instead of cramming right before the exam, it is much more beneficial to study in increments.  This incremental study pattern or rhythm is proven § Read the rest of this entry…


Finding Real-World Math Problems

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First in the list of things that students say they want from education, according to eSchool News, is “real-world application and relevancy.” When it comes to math education finding these real-world examples seems more of a challenge. I tried myself to find some, was stumped, and had to go back through the Elevated Math lessons to find problems that kids might find relevant. Next, I searched into my own life to find some more. And then, after my consciousness was alert to this task, all sorts of ideas began to surface.

I was reminded of a time when my daughter was young. With her strapped to a car seat in Los Angeles’ rush-hour traffic, we filled the time with a game. The objective § Read the rest of this entry…


Math Class: One Student’s Perspective

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I was never a math person; I’ll put that out there first. The moment math became textbooks instead of cute little printed out worksheets, numbers just whirled above my head in a panic-stricken frenzy. Don’t get me wrong, I was never bad at math either. When I grasp a concept, it sticks. That’s the beauty of it; unlike other classes where it’s easy to forget a date or accidentally conjugate a verb wrong, with math your hands seem to have the muscle memory to know what to punch into the calculator or where to direct the pencil.

I’m soon graduating from high school and I’ve come to appreciate the necessity of math in the curriculum. Besides looking great on a transcript, it’s also a subject that pushes you to being  a well-rounded student. I feel more balanced. I’ve been to two different high schools, with a grand total of four different math classes (meaning eight semesters of math class, whew!) My first high school made me retake Algebra 1 my freshman year (to help boost my SAT math scores). This was followed by Geometry, Algebra 2, and AP Statistics. § Read the rest of this entry…


Wish I Had Elevated Math as a Kid. A Personal Tutor!

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Learning math was really hard for me growing up because I had a language barrier and I was a visual learner. The public school system moves the students through the subjects really fast and I was a quiet child unwilling to speak up when the lesson was going too fast for me. I’d take my textbook and try to bring myself up to speed at home. My parents know math but they didn’t have the teaching or the communication skills to help me with my homework.

The only alternative was to send me to math tutoring programs like Kumon. I took summer school for math and English; I had private tutors for English and math. I took Kaplan classes to bring up my scores for the SAT. My parents spent a lot of money and I spent a lot of time learning outside of public schools to make my math and English skills adequate for college. The prices for all the Elevated Math lessons are cheap in comparison to all the money my parents spent on me. § Read the rest of this entry…