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best ways to get him back using facebook

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best ways to get him back using facebook

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ung woman who is deliberating about what research to conduct for her doctoral dissertation.  The year is 1982. Classroom technology consists of a few laser discs, film projectors, slide projectors, and a wonderful new device called the overhead projector.  Tests are still run off of the mimeograph machine with the purple ink that smells so good. High-tech individuals have boom boxes, cassette players, big boxy televisions and Kodak cameras.  Home films are taken with heavy, unwieldy video cameras still using super 8 mm film with the newest ones accommodating the newest thing—VHS tapes.  To have data analyzed, keycards are coded, punched and run through a mainframe computer. A few individual desktop computers exist, but they are large, bulky, and just a step above an electric typewriter.

Even so, there are visionaries at Mississippi ETV in Jackson MS who think math instruction for elementary students can be enhanced through video. They believe it so strongly that money is spent to produce a series of math lessons called ‘Figure Out,’ featuring a talking, teaching computer named Mac and real life kids. But they need someone to conduct a research project to test its effectiveness with students before the decision can be made to produce the full series to be featured as a weekly ETV series.   So, a contest of sorts is launched.  A Mississippi ETV Researcher’s Award gives the best proposal a $1000 grant to be used for the project. § Read the rest of this entry…